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Cloth Diapering with Shaklee


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Since you’ve seen that I cloth diaper…

Since my #ShakleeEffect video (watch here) came out, with the story of how I met Amber and we watched her daughter’s life transform, starting with finding a solution for cloth diapers, many have asked me about my cloth diaper cleaning routine with Shaklee products.

I don’t claim any of this is revolutionary or amazing but I hope it helps someone!


Quickly, in case you want more information:
Why do I cloth diaper? It’s frugal, it’s green, and I like using the cloth on my kids skin instead of the disposables.
How hard core am I? Not. I use disposables overnight and on vacation. And to church. Don’t be intimated by my version of cloth diapering.
Is cloth diapering hard? No. It’s way easier than I thought it was going to be. And I don’t think it is any more “gross” than regular diapers.
Why Shaklee? In general, I trust Shaklee (see more here) and it’s SO affordable on top of safe, natural, green, good for cloth diapers and like Amber says in the video—I can use it on EVERYTHING we wash.


So how do I clean my diapers:
When breast feeding exclusively:
I keep a bucket of cold water by the changing table and toss all the diapers right in the bucket. They soak in prep for washing.

In an HE front loader, this soaking is especially important because of the minimal water used in the HE. I then put about 2 tsp (or a squirt with the pump—I don’t measure it) of Fresh Laundry liquid into the detergent section. This product is very concentrated and very effective so you don’t need a lot. Other than adding the detergent (same amount) to the main load, at this stage there is no difference in a traditional top-loading washer. I was the diapers on hot (mine then has a cold rinse).

While EBF I don’t see a need to do additional cycles with the machine but see tips below if you are not seeing sufficient results due to the variance in your washer.

When solids are introduced:
I highly recommend getting a sprayer. To me, this has been a crucial part of the process with cloth diapers. Click here to see the one we have used. Know that this is an art form in my opinion and may take some practice (and some extra Basic G until you get the hang of it).

We keep a bucket/garbage can in the bathroom and toss pee only diapers in there directly and spray poop ones off as much as possible into the toilet.

In an HE front loader, I recommend one of two things depending on your washer (and the time you have). Use either the “water plus” option to add additional water or do a cold “rinse only” cycle before the regular cycle. I then add the same 2 tsp (or a squirt with the pump—I don’t measure it) into the detergent section. I then add about 3-4 drops  (I don’t actually measure this either) of Basic G into the “bleach” section. This helps remove any smells or any yeast or mold issues. This is also helpful because I have found that as the children get older, they use less diapers in a day which mean diapers sit for longer periods of time.

In a traditional top-loader, the process would be the same other than removing the additional water/rinse steps.

You can use Basic G with the EBF diapers as well. If you pour in too much Basic G, it’s not a problem.


How do I dry my diapers?
Although different companies make different recommendations, I choose to hang-dry my covers and dryer wash (on medium) my inserts. I DO NOT use dryer sheets or fabric softener (even Shaklee’s—though I use it on my clothes)

What about when diapers needs to be stripped?
When diapers need to be stripped, I use a large bucket and put 1 scoop of Nature Bright and 1 tsp of Basic H and 1 tsp of Basic G (for every eight diapers) and fill with hot water. Then I soak the diapers and inserts for 24 hours. Then run on two hot cycles and one cold cycle.

What about cloth wipes?
For some reason I have not done this with my first two children, but plan to with baby #3. I will be using my sister’s wipe “recipe” and process. The truth is I did attempt this with baby #2 and it was the process that wasn’t working for me, so I am grateful for this new process!

Wipe Recipe:
1 16 oz spray bottle of water
1-2 tsp Basic H (PH balanced)
6-8 drops Tea Tree Oil

Wipe Process:
Have a container of baby washcloths, cloth wipes, or baby blankets cut to squares
Spray wipes directly before use
Wash with diapers

So, since my second child has officially reverted back to diapers, we decided to give cloth wipes a try. It has been GREAT!  And I think because I use Basic H in the mix (and try to get most of the poop onto the diaper which will be sprayed) I can just place the wipes into the bucket I keep by the changing table (for pee diapers). I have had no stains (it’s been about four weeks) and no issues. Hope that is helpful!


Was this post helpful? Do you have any great advice too add? Have you also had great success with Shaklee products and cloth diapering?

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13 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering with Shaklee

  1. Any updates on your wash process? Do you need to strip often? How did it work out for baby #3? I am currently cloth diapering a 11 month old and think I may have an ammonia issue. Did you ever have issues with ammonia? Do you think a Nature Bright strip deal with that?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply! Baby #3 is going even better than the others! The cloth wipes are easier than I thought and the cleaning is going great. I have not had to strip yet and he’s 9 months old today! I have had issues with ammonia before briefly and I would strip with Nature Bright and maybe a little Basic G. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi! Any thoughts on doing a yeast treatment with Basic G? Wondering how long I should soak them and how much to use. Thanks!

  3. I have been using the powdered laundry detergent for my cloth diapers and it works great! I want to start adding basic g though and I don’t have a bleach dispenser on my washer. Can I just add it to the drum?

  4. Hi! I’m new to cloth diapering and need to strip some hand me downs. I also use Shaklee and was happy to find this 😊 Just a couple questions, for stripping, how big of a bucket did you use for that amount of basic g and booster? Also, I have bamboo inserts. Will this work for them? Should I do them separate or can I do everything together? Thank you so much for this!

  5. Me again. I was also wondering how you get away with using 2 tsp. per load? The bottle says to use an ounce for a load. If I could wash diapers with 2 tsp. this would be so much cheaper than buying regular detergent from the store. It might even be cheaper if I used a whole ounce for a load!

    • I have only used the liquid but I use that little along with the basic G. I’ve been using it for over seven years with great success. I don’t even use an ounce for a whole load. I use a half ounce for a full load of clothes. I only use more when it’s really filthy!!

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