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encouraging each other not to be satisfied with mediocre

This is not my garden.

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I am not a gardener. This spring I was incredibly relieved that after three years of attempting to cultivate a vegetable garden, my husband suggested we just skip it this year. (YAY!!!)

That might surprise you. Maybe not. But I FEEL like I should have a vegetable garden.  It’s Healthy. Green. Frugal. Right? But I don’t enjoy it and I am not good at it. I enjoy (with much gratitude) the garden gifts my in-laws and friends give me and I love the IDEA of a vegetable garden, but plotting, planting, watering and cultivating plants is just not an area I am good at or get excited about. My husband can tell you how many house plants and flowers he has bought me over the years that I always appreciate receiving, but once in our house barely had time to wilt before they died. Even the heartiest of house plants have never stood a chance in our home. It’s where they come to die.

As my husband and I discussed this whole topic and worked through the decision to not attempt a fourth year of gardening we realized there is an important clarification to be made in our minds and it relates to the name of this blog, “War On Average.” At first glance the message in the name might come across as saying you have to be a cut above in every way. Mastering every area of your life. But “War On Average” doesn’t mean you have to be awesome at everything. It means doing the things that you are passionate about really well. Showing and pursuing on-going excellence in those areas. It also means appreciating when other people do the things they are great at and appreciating how they bless you…instead of envying their ability or giftedness. Ability and passions are gifts to be enjoyed and shared.

Like my in-laws. This is their garden. It’s beautiful, natural, flourishing. They love being outside and working in the vegetable and flower gardens. They love the dirt on their hands. And they remember to water and they remember to go get the fresh herbs before they cook their meals in the evenings. We are blessed to live close to them and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Though it may be cliche’, we are “blessed to be a blessing.” How have you blessed those around you with your gifts and passions? How have you been blessed by the giftedness of others? Where are you pursuing giftedness in areas that you are not passionate about? Where are you pursuing passions in areas that you might not be gifted in? Would it be a relief like it was for us when we decided not to plant a garden, to allow yourself the freedom to not FEEL like you have to be a master of an area of life you are not passionate about? Who is in your life that might be better at something you are feeling pressured to master yourself? How can you encourage them, instead of compete with them?

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One thought on “This is not my garden.

  1. I love to garden. But I don’t do good with getting to the gym… It’s fine if gardening isn’t your ‘thing’. Some people give zucchini, others give prayer, others give a meal, others give a song. I’d say you do all but the zucchini! 🙂

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