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24 Hours on a Treadmill



Prevention. Awareness.

These are two things we have always stood behind as we strive to educate people about health. We have chosen to partner with our friend Eric O’Connor to help create healthier lives, particularly in creating awareness and prevention of blood clots.

Because improving this health issue relies initially and primarily on prevention and awareness it often does not get the funding and attention other health issues do! You and I can help!

So why blood clots? On average, 274 Americans die from a blood clot every day. 900,000 blood clots occur annually and of those there are 100,000 deaths each year. More people die from blood clots each year than the total number of people who lose their lives each year to AIDS, breast cancer, and motor vehicle crashes combined.

Why Eric? After running three marathons in 2010 (intending to run three more in 2011), he tore his meniscus playing soccer with his son. A week after his surgery, while standing in the garage with the boys he says “I felt like I had just done a 10 mile workout. I was short of breath, my heart was racing and I was sweating. Sue, my wife rushed home from the ER where she is a nurse and took me in.” After surviving his own blood clot (read more here), he is taking on this amazing feat to raise awareness for what could save your life or the life of someone close to you.

The goal: 100 miles in 24 hours.
Start: April 10th at 12 pm

Finish: April 11th 12 pm
Where: Run Today in Glen Ellyn




Your Shaklee order placed at www.harperguerra.myshaklee.com during the run will send a percentage of proceeds to the cause! (April 10 noon to April 11 noon)

Join us at the event, April 10-11 at Run Today in Glen Ellyn, IL. Ryan and I will have a table on Saturday morning and I’ll be joining the run from 11-11:30 a.m.

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Add a little bit of exercise…even at the office


A great goal for 2014 is to get moving. If you are not able to get to the gym or get outside to work out regularly, adding a few exercises to your daily life is still going to make strides.

Harley Pasternak recommends taking 10,000 steps per day and doing five minutes of resistance training each day.

HOW do we do that?? Make is simple:
Get a basic pedometer (or a not so basic FitBit) and track your steps. Suddenly a flight of stairs or a far away parking spot becomes part of reaching a goal!

Incorporate exercise into your daily life. Do squats while you play with your kids or while you watch TV. There are easy ways to add fitness. Are you at work for long hours? Here are some resources to help you exercise at your desk!

10 Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly

The Best Exercises to Do At Your Desk

29 Exercises You Can Do At or Near Your Desk

Here is to a more active 2014!

Check our facebook page for more exercises you can do at home.

What do you do to add a little movement to your day?

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Training Tuesdays

Welcome to Training Tuesday—ideas and tips for a better workout!

Today, Aubrie Sauer (amazing list of credentials below) shows us the correct way to do a plank—an amazing core and ab workout.  Planks are great to fit in between lifting sets or even while you’re watching TV.

Click here to view the video!

Aubrie Sauer: smart, ridiculously fit, and super encouraging. Officially: B.A. Sport Management, NASM – Certified Personal Trainer, NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist, Peak Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair, Barrel & Tower Certified Instructor, Les Mills – Body Combat Certified