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Mom Hacks: Laundry


Those of you who follow my of Facebook may have seen my live video on my Laundry Mom-Hack, and this can serve as a follow up to you.

Here was where I found myself: Spending a lot of time trying to have a reading chair instead of a laundry chair.


I have three children and a husband. Two of those children are girls who change their clothes a lot. They are also girls who dress themselves (and have for quite a while). What did this result in?

Drawers that look like this.


So I found myself transitioning to having the girls put away their own laundry, since they didn’t keep it in my nice piles anyway.

Then, as a looked at my mountain of laundry (on my beloved laundry chair) I realized I was wasting incredible amount of time folding their clothes–since, as I said, they just ended up in heaps in the drawers anyway.

So my husband purchased me three small baskets. Now I am done with the laundry in at least half the time. I just sort each girls’ clothing into their basket. It is not folded. It is not put right-side out.


It in then their responsibility put away the clothes as they are, sorted as they like, since they will be dressing themselves. It has saved me time and will teach them responsibility moving forward!

And yes, the clothes are wrinkled. But they were wrinkled sitting on my laundry chair for days and they were wrinkled as they were shoved and pushed around the drawers. The kids still look adorable.

After about two months of doing this, I consider it a great mom hack success!


Want to improve your family’s allergies, skin issues, brain function, immunity and more? Learn more about non-toxic laundry solutions from Shaklee! They work incredibly well too! I know, my kids are messy eaters!

Does this help you? Does this save you time? Let me know if you have tried it!

2 thoughts on “Mom Hacks: Laundry

  1. Thank you! I’m so going to try this! Laundry is a big stressor for me!

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