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Phoebe’s Savory Brussels Sprouts

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My sister, Phoebe sent me this recipe and I’ve added a few things as I made it myself a few times—including tonight. It’s great with anything, but tonight I made it with Venison Chili and Coconut Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes.


It’s a very savory dish, and delicious (but might be a turn off for those emotionally opposed to Brussels Sprout in general).

All you need is:
Brussels sprouts
Sea Salt
Garlic powder (optional)
Butter or oil

All you need to do:
Cut the bottoms off your Brussels sprouts and then cut them in half or quarters (remove any outside layers that are “icky-looking.”)


Heat a small pan on medium-high.  (I suggest a pan just big enough to fill with Brussel Sprouts but without leftover space)
Add a few tablespoons of  butter or oil and melt that down.
Add the Brussels sprout halves and throw a ½ tsp of sea salt and garlic powder on top.


Mix the Brussels sprouts around, then cover.


Every few minutes take the cover off and mix them around again.  If the pan gets too dry add another tab of butter/oil.  Continue to do this for 8-10 minutes or until cooked to your satisfaction. For softer vegetables, leave the top on until ready to serve.

The covered dish and the stirring in the pan create and combination of a roasted and steamed flavor.  Yum!


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