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Six Vegetables a Day? How do you do that?

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You have likely seen me reference eating six vegetables per day minimum in a lot of my posts. You may struggle to get one in each day. That’s okay. We all have to start somewhere. Let’s talk about a few ways to get more vegetables into your diet and your children’s diets.

And remember—this IS hard—it does take forethought, but you CAN do it:

Add vegetables to your eggs. This day we added chopped zucchini, steamed broccoli from the night before and frozen spinach. The muffin also has carrots in it.

Leftovers from dinner are an easy way to make sure you have all your veggies (if you had veggies for dinner). Roasted vegetables, broccoli soup, a salad, or a special broccoli salad are great ways to add vegetables to other lunch items.

Easy and great snacks include raw carrots dipped in sunflower butter with raisins; celery in peanut butter; sugar snap peas; green smoothies; raw broccoli or cauliflower dipped in a healthy dressing. Those are just a few ideas. Picnic broccoli makes a great snack too!


Salads, roasted vegetables, and soups are great ways to get many vegetables in at once. In this picture I made two roasted vegetable dishes (five vegetables) and cauliflower coconut “mashed potatoes”. We used all these items for lunch the next day.

Now these are just a few ideas to get you started. I hope to post additional ideas in the future. Hope this way helpful to give you some easy ideas to add to your routine!

One thought on “Six Vegetables a Day? How do you do that?

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