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Five Ways to Remember to Take Your Vitamins

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I have a handful of customers who understand WHY you should supplement and see the Shaklee Difference, but they just cannot seem to get into the routine of taking their vitamins. Good habits can be the hardest to maintain so here are some simple steps to try to help you!

  1. Put your vitamins where you can see them, near something you know you won’t forget—maybe your contact lenses, the coffee maker, or your car keys. Use the other things that you do to create healthy habits to improve your health!
  2. Give your children vitamins too! Children have way less to remember in the morning and they feel special taking vitamins like mom and dad. I know that my daughter often reminds me that we do vitamins before I start making breakfast because it is important to her. So not only will you be improving your health but your child’s as well.
  3. Set a reminder. I remember my grandpa used t o do this to remember to take his vitamins. It was on his watch because we didn’t have smartphones back then. I use reminders on my phone (or your watch) to remember to do a variety of things—taking care of our health is worth the reminder.
  4. Bring your vitamins to the office—I’ve had quite a few customers who take their vitamins to work (especially Vitalizer) to the office because they remembered it more easily there.
  5. Remember why you are taking them—watch the two videos above again and remember why you are taking the vitamins—are you hoping to prevent serious health concerns? Are you trying to staying energized for your kids? Are you wanting to protect your health for the sake of your grandkids? Are you giving your body nutrients in hopes of getting pregnant? These are all great reasons that should motivate us to make taking our supplements a priority!

I hope these ideas have been helpful! What do you do to remember to take your vitamins?

And check out this amazing post on the Vitalizer Challenge!

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One thought on “Five Ways to Remember to Take Your Vitamins

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