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Four Ways You Can Love Laundry!


laundryYes, laundry is my favorite chore. By far. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe because you have to actually enjoy the item before it needs to be cleaned again (unlike dusting). Maybe because there’s a sense of accomplishment in each step (In my world wash, fold, put away can be three separate to-do list check offs). Maybe because you can have people over and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get to it because you can hide it (unlike the guest bathroom).

In case those reasons don’t help you, here are four practical ways you can love laundry, including a confession of my own on how even laundry can be redeemed:

1. Use a Product that Makes You Feel like Super Woman
I was at a festival with my parents when my daughter spilled chocolate sauce all over her shirt. My parents looked at my apologetically and I was able to say “Stains don’t intimidate me!”  Because they don’t. I’ve removed some of the most awful stains in clothes from purple ice cream to all sorts of other gross things that come with children. I’ve also removed oil stains, grass and mud stains, and ring-around-the collar and pit stains. Stains are no match for me and I get to help others by helping them get out stains too.  In the end this saves money and often preserves a favorite article of clothing or upholstery!

401697_10151118019696856_473968319_n385091_10151118019711856_1757882239_n IMG_7055
I use Shaklee Fresh Laundry as a detergent and a pre-treat. I use Nature Bright for stain boosting (as a soak), and Basic H for oil stains.

2. Use a Product You Can Feel Good About
I feel great about how the detergent I use effects (or DOESN’T effect) the planet and also the health of my family and budget.

Did you know that your laundry detergent can be traced in your blood stream? Simply changing laundry detergents can help clear up skin issues like eczema, help with allergies and asthma, and keep your family free from toxins (especially a child’s delicate skin). Our skin is actually our body’s largest organ and it is exposed to the most toxins throughout our daily and nightly lives.  So I feel good about using these products on the clothes my children wear and the sheets my family sleep on.

Did you know that you can help save the planet by switching laundry detergents? You can feel good about all sorts of cleaning knowing that one small thing you are doing is making a big difference.  That’s why we call it the Shaklee Difference and the Shaklee Effect!

Did you know that Shaklee laundry cost 18 cents per load? Seventh Generation Costs 35.7 cents and Tide costs 19.9 cents. My family/friends that use the Shaklee laundry detergent not only love how well it works but they save money too!! By using a concentrated product, you save money and the planet. Double win!


3. Multi-Task
Another great thing about laundry is that you can accomplish a lot during this chore (and I’m not talking about catching up on TV shows).

Laundry is a great chore to do with your children—even the smallest ones. There isn’t anything breakable or anything that can hurt them. They can play with you while you fold, the older ones can practice sorting, counting, names of clothing items. At a very young age, a toddler can learn to fold clothes and press the buttons on the machine. I am a firm believer of letting your children be part of what you do and letting them learn alongside you. While we must let kids be kids and enjoy child-hood I also remember my mom’s frequent comment that part of raising a child is also raising a future adult.

It provides time to be thankful and be prayerful. The monotony of sorting and folding laundry can be combated by prayer. Not only praying for the feet of the socks you are folding but by thanking God for the things you love about them. I saw this quote on facebook once (and therefore am not sure the source), but it can particularly be applied while doing laundry:
Thankfulness drives away the clouds of weariness, self-pity, and impatience that overshadow the joys of motherhood.

(Not to say that watching TED talks or sermons on the iPad while you iron isn’t a great use of time, too)

4. Change your perspective
This is an honest story of my own personal growth in this area. I used to often get annoyed because my wonderful husband would put socks in the laundry inside out. Every time I got to one of those pairs of socks I would be a little flustered—in my busy life he was creating more work! Then, one morning, I was thanking God in my prayer time for my husband and thinking through all the things he does for our family. He has a lot on his plate as he cares for our family and lots of other families through his work. I asked God to show me ways that I could make his life easier, that I could bless him, and that I could care for him practically. Shortly thereafter I came to the laundry pile. And I was struck with conviction as I picked up his socks. I know he never took of his socks inside out thoughtlessly. And here was a simple way that I could bless him, that I could save him a few seconds every day, that I could care for him—and I was choosing a wrong attitude. My laundry chores have been so blessed since that day when I could look at laundry as an opportunity to serve my family and care for their practical needs.

Has any of this helped those of you tolerate laundry better or even make it a delight? Do you laundry lovers have other reasons that you love laundry? Please share them with us!

3 thoughts on “Four Ways You Can Love Laundry!

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  2. So helpful! Laundry is my least favorite chore for some reason , and I’ve been really trying to get better at staying on top of it. Thanks for the perspective!

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