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Five Ideas to Prevent and Relieve Eczema Naturally


Eczema is one of the most common issues I come across when having health related discussions with people.  It ranges from parents trying to find a way to ease and heal their children’s eczema to adults who have been dealing with the problem for many years with no success.

Eczema is a superficial skin inflammation, characterized by redness, edema, oozing, crusting, scaling and usually itching.

Here are the top five most important adjustments someone can make quickly to address the issue of eczema:

1.      Diet
The foods we eat greatly effects our health—and yes, our skin! A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can create an unhealthy gut which then weakens the immune system, creating symptoms like eczema. Sugars also are inflammatory and eczema is an inflammatory condition. Remember that sugar is not just in the form of treats but bread, cereal, pasta, etc. Also avoid dairy (acidic & inflammatory), acidic foods (oranges, tomatoes, pineapple etc.), and peanut butter (inflammatory), French fries, margarine, donuts, and hydrogenated oils. If you can’t avoid them, just try to really limit them. Increase protein and vegetables. Vegetables strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. This blog is full of ideas to do this including great breakfast muffins. Drinking plenty of water is also important.

2.       Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent:
The simplest change to make is laundry detergent. Most store bought detergents are FULL of nasty chemicals* and fragrances. Most detergents do not rinse out of your clothes completely. When your laundry smells like Mountain Fresh Air when you put it on, it’s a clear sign that the Mountain Fresh Air chemical fragrance is still in your clothes—and in contact with your SKIN the whole time you’re wearing that clothing. Then at night you likely spend hours sleeping on sheets also washed in the same detergents. I’ve had numerous customers whose children’s eczema has been cleared up JUST by changing laundry detergent.

I love and recommend Shaklee’s Fresh Laundry which is non-toxic, washes out completely (which means it’s safe for cloth diapers too), and is very effective. I use it as a pre-treat (but it also comes in powder) and have a gallery of before and after pictures if you don’t want to try it for yourself.

banner_GetCleanLaundryHere is one testimony: “I just realized that, for the first time, the kids did not have any eczema this year. In the past, they’ve had it bad all winter, despite constant lotioning and prescription creams. I know it’s not scientific, but I doubt it’s coincidence that this year we switched from our mainstream-brand “dye-free, perfume-free” laundry stuff – which I learned contains just as many toxic chemicals as the “regular” versions – to the Shaklee laundry products.”

3.       Toxins in the Home:
Laundry detergent isn’t the only toxin in the home that has negative effects on our health. Most everyday cleaners contain harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. For example, if you use a floor cleaner that contains bleach and the child is playing on that floor the residue from the cleaner will end up on his skin. Spraying a cleaner on your furniture and then sitting down on it gets chemicals on your skin. Cleaning your dishes with a toxic cleaner can make you ingest chemicals. Consider what you wash your bathtub and toilet with and then put bare skin on. Inhaling the fumes of toxic cleaners can weaken your immune system (which can effect skin, the body’s largest living organ). Switching to non-toxic cleaners for the home can improve not only skin, but also allergies and asthma symptoms. There are effective, safe, and cost saving cleaners available. My personal favorite is the Get Clean line by Shaklee. Not only will it remove some of the toxins from your home but it can also save you an average of $200/year.

4.       Non-Toxic Skin Care:
Avoid lotions and creams with Lanolin.  Even moms and dads should avoid lanolin if they hold and come in contact with the child.  Being very careful about lotions, creams, soaps, etc. Use a cleanser in the bath that is perfect PH. Avoid toxics and heavy fragrances. If you are looking for body soaps, we recommend ShakleeBaby Wash and Lotion as well as our MeadowBlend bar for kids and adults.

5.       Supplements
Because eczema is usually (like most issues we see on the outside of our bodies) a symptom of what is going on inside the body, supplements are often a major help.

Many supplements are helpful, but there are two to always start with as it relates to healthy skin:

Probiotics: Causes of eczema can be allergies, toxins, chemical sensitivity, toxicity, post-viral reactions. Probiotics help build the immune system (80% of your immune system is in the gut). Probiotics also heal the gut of candida. Candida often leads to inflammation and skin issues including eczema. My own personal healing and my daughter’s healing center around probiotics in dealing with eczema. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that we need to help keep our digestive track healthy. Shaklee’s probiotic is different because of it’s triple encapsulation, which means that all the micro flora is guaranteed to end up in your gut and not get eaten along the way.

Omegas: Someone with eczema is likely having a problem with the conversion of EPA, DHA, and GLA (these are the good fats) into prostaglandins. For a child, I would recommend Mighty Smarts and for an adult either OmegaGuard or GLA (or both if severe.) Omegas reduce inflammation and help skin health in general and prevent dryness.

In addition I would suggest a multivitamin for a child or adult, but the above two would be the most important. Alfalfa is also an effective supplement to reduce inflammation throughout the body, which contributes to eczema. The child pictured consumed all of the above and her eczema was cleared up in three days.

The multi-vitamin made a major difference forthis little boyas well, because his eczema was also connected with a vitamin b & zinc deficiency.

And here is another success story:
Our 2-year-old son had eczema on his legs and bottom for about a year when we first heard about Shaklee. We had been trying lotions, creams, essential oils, probiotics, and elimination diets to help but nothing worked. His eczema was progressively getting worse and we needed to start using cloth diapers to reduce the irritation of his eczema. A friend of mine shared with me that Shaklee’s laundry soap was great for cloth diapers. We also switched our household cleaners to Shaklee and started to see a difference in how much he would scratch his eczema. We heard about all that Shaklee had to offer and decided to try the Incredivites and Optiflora. Within one week of him taking these supplements, his eczema was completely gone! He’s only had one flare up since then (3.5years) and we were able to clear it up in 4 days.

I only share Shaklee products because I’ve seen such great success in our own home as well as many people I’ve been able to help. Shaklee has incredible integrity amidst a marketplace where most companies attempt to hide what their products are made with and how they are made. They provide everyday products that I trust to use with my family and also to share with my friends.  They save a family a lot of money too. Their standards are higher than any other company in their industry. Click on the link above to learn about why Shaklee products are different and why they work!

These are suggestions that will create generally positive changes for anyone’s health, but also have been shown to help relieve and prevent eczema naturally.