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Allergy Relief Stories

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Personally, I hated spring. And fall. But mostly spring.

I walked everywhere with a box of tissues. My face and eyes were puffy, my head hurt, my throat hurt. I was killing my organs with pain relievers to reduce inflammation.

I used to walk on the opposite side of the street when anyone was cutting their lawn. I always kept the windows closed.

It wasn’t fun. And it wasn’t fun because it effected life. Mine, and many other stories share how three simple steps can change the way you view the seasons–just like it did for me. Please read these stories (they are three of MANY) and learn how

  1. Removing the toxins
  2. Repairing the gut
  3. Rebuilding the immune system

can change you answer to an invite to an outdoor event in May…


Marissa’s Story:
For as long as I can remember I had allergies. As a young child I remember playing

outside with my friends and having to go inside because my eyes are itchy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. My parents tried all of the available medications but unfortunately the meds made me very tired so I spent a lot of time inside sleeping. At the age of 17 I developed asthma which made my allergies much more serious. I would average 1 to 2 asthma attacks per week and sometimes once or twice a day in the spring and summer. My allergies and asthma dramatically affected my daily life. I tried allergy shots, frequent breathing treatments and every medication in existence but it never really gave me good quality of life. The side effects often left me feeling tired and lethargic. It wasn’t until I completed a full round of allergy shots while pregnant with my first daughter only to find out it was not recommended after my second daughter that I realized something had to change. A friend of mine reached out to me many times asking me if I would be interested in learning more about natural ways to combat my allergies but I blew her off because I thought I was a lost cause. If medications couldn’t help how could any sort of natural remedies do the trick? Thankfully she did not give up on me and insisted that I try another way.

So eventually I said yes!  I started with replacing my cleaning products because I could not clean my house without having immediate asthma attack even while wearing a mask using any products that I bought at the store and even some natural products I tried still gave me asthma attacks. I felt a huge difference after just removing the toxic chemicals from my home including laundry detergent. The next step was healing my gut.  I started taking a  probiotic called Optiflora. The next step was boosting my immune system. I started taking A Sustained release vitamin C and a product called alfalfa which is a natural decongestant on days when the pollen count was extra high. After about six months I was able to wean myself off of all medications that I was taking for my asthma and allergies. This was 5 years ago and I still feel amazing. My allergies and asthma don’t affect my quality life any longer and I’m so thankful! I never thought I would be able to play outside with my kids… and I do!

Madison’s Story: (from her mom)56842877_10217848823599676_5780768162119155712_o
Right around the time Madi turned 3 we noticed she was sneezing and sniffling a lot. She had no other symptoms so we figured it was seasonal allergies. At her 3 year appointment the doc prescribed Zyrtec. He said it was common and that it would do the trick with few, if any side effects. Once a day appeared to alleviate the symptoms. We did not know about Shaklee at that time.

Fast forward to her 4th birthday – in April – she began to show symptoms again. I filled the prescription and began to administer in the morning. Within a couple days, we started to notice behavioral changes. Talking back, refusing to follow directions, angry response to requests. This was completely unlike our daughter. This was a kid that maybe had 1-2 timeouts a month…and within a couple days was getting upwards of 6 a day. During one of those timeouts I discovered a large pile of spit on the floor – a sign of pure defiance…from my usually mild-mannered daughter and I knew something was wrong. I spent some time searching Zyrtec online and if I read one, I read 30 parent reviews that had similar stories. Distinct behavioral changes were noticed after daytime doses and night terrors were evident after evening doses. I immediately stopped the Zyrtec and within 36 hours had my calm, obedient daughter back. It was clear that we would never use this type of product again.

At that time I had recently started using Shaklee’s Alfalfa to increase my milk supply for my newborn, Morgan. I had begun to notice that my seasonal allergy post nasal drip had disappeared. This was only previously controlled with the everyday use of Allegra-D. I knew Alfalfa was safe so I decided to crush a few and put them in Madi’s applesauce. I noticed within a day that her sneezing stopped. It cleared up the drip and I was wiping her nose less. This convinced me!

My entire family uses alfalfa now along with changing our cleaning and laundry products, we rarely have any allergy symptoms. In the rare event we experience any, we simply up our dosage and find almost immediate relief!


Stephanie’s Story:20245366_10160308031090206_5390839018414192928_n.jpg
I can’t really say a time when my allergy journey began. I’ve had allergies as long as I can remember. They were debilitating and ruled much of my life, especially in the spring. My eyes were always swollen, I would sneeze until I struggled to breathe, my throat itched, and I had a hard time sleeping at night. And it always ended in a sinus infection. But I didn’t think much of it; I thought some people had them and some didn’t.

It wasn’t until our son had eczema and we were searching for help, that we discovered how nutrition plays a big part in the way our bodies react to certain things.

We saw immediate relief in our son’s eczema when we switched to Shaklee cleaners and supplements, so we knew we needed to use them ourselves.

After two months of taking the Vitalizer strip, the fall allergy season came and it was suggested to me to take alfalfa. I couldn’t believe the relief I was experiencing from seasonal allergy symptoms. But I was still struggling through it. I decided to add an immune booster (Nutriferon) to my daily routine. When spring allergy season rolled around, I didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until the middle of May before I started to question why I hadn’t been experiencing allergy symptoms. My body had been healing from the inside out and I no longer suffer through allergy seasons anymore.



Do you want to learn more about how Shaklee, a company trusted for over 60 years, and the resources we have around not only safe cleaners, effective supplements but also resources around nutrition can make you see spring in a new light? Reach out to the Shaklee Wellness Advocate that shared this link with you.

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