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Can your New Year’s Resolution be to save money AND be healthier? YES!

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I have heard many people comment that being healthy is just too expensive. I have read many great comparisons that show that eating healthy is not more expensive than eating unhealthy. And beginning or further investing in your health proves to pay great dividends not only financially but in quality and length of life. Like my friend Rick Seymour always says, “I want to die young…at a very old age.”

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Here are a few stories to help put the reality of the health investment in perspective:

At a recent trip to my accountant (who also used to be a customer, but never really got how and why Shaklee – my fault, not hers) Deb recounted a story of a customer of hers, Sally. Sally’s father had done her taxes for years, but after her divorce she Is earning $25,500 per year and has 4 kids. How is she surviving, I asked. Deb was extremely proud that she was able to get Sally $8000 back in her taxes. Later in our conversation, Deb told me she is taking 13 medications. “How do you feel about that?” I asked. She stated “Not good. Shaklee has great products, but not everyone can afford them”. I replied, “There is a difference between value and cost. By comparison, if you look at cost, not everyone can afford an accountant. Sally is one of those people, but when Deb got her $8,000 back on her taxes, the value of an accountant is quite clear. That’s how it works with Shaklee. You buy a $1 worth of nutrition, you get $10 back in quality of life, no doctor’s visits, no illnesses and no side effects from meds. The look on her face was – PRICELESS. She ordered Gold Vitalizer and we are going to work on reclaiming her health. Sometimes we need to wait for the truth of what we do and why we do it to come in a single, crystal clear moment.

Six years ago my wife Linda was on 17 prescriptions a day that cost us over $800.00 per month. After finding Shaklee she is now on 0, none, no medications and for a whole lot less than we were paying. That $800 a month now covers supplements for both of us, plus all of our cleaning supplies, plus breakfast everyday for both of us.


My friend Amber has an amazing story (you may have seen our Shaklee Effect Video where we were flown to New York to meet on camera) but she also talks about the amount of money they are saving by using preventative health. (She also documents how much she saves in cleaners even as a former couponer).




So is Shaklee worth the investment?
From Beth ”A friend mentioned GNC vitamins, and I was interested in seeing the price difference between Shaklee and GNC. For a multivitamin, probiotic, fish oil and protein Shaklee is actually LESS money (GNC was $4.86 a day and Shaklee was $4.43)! And GNC brands do not have the science, the purity, the testing behind their products like Shaklee does. Shaklee goes BEYOND organic (go ahead and ask me how) and ensures their products are safe AND effective.”
Want to know more about why Shaklee is worth the cost?
The most expensive vitamins are the ones that don’t work.

Watch this video and try it with your supplements
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Listen to this audio file about the standard Shaklee sets in the industry.


And if your goals are to be healthy and MAKE money, contact me about joining me in this amazing business of giving people access to choices to create healthier lives!




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