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Full-time income, part-time hours, and pursuing a passion



You may see me as a stay-at-home mom because we run into each other at the park, the health club or story-time at the library. You may see me in the pick-up line at preschool or the grocery store on a weekday morning. You may see me on social media in the midst of tea parties and fortress buildings and face painting.

Or you may see me as the wife of Ryan, your investment advisor or your worship pastor at Mercy Hill Church. High School sweethearts whose years of knowing each other just recently outpaced the years of not!

Or you may see me as a resource for health—someone who helped your son get through the winter without weeks of strep or who helped your child have relief from eczema. You may see me as the person who answered your questions about your migraines or gave you the tools to have relief from allergies.

The truth is, I am all of those things and more. And I don’t say that to sound like I have it all together, I have my days just as anyone else. I say that to share how Shaklee has been an immense blessing in order to make our life possible. Having a full-time income, with part-time hours (that I make myself) and being able to help people and pursue a passion has been an incredible gift. This gift would not have been possible without the most important element…people. You. Thank you!

Most of our life was not what any of my ten- (or even five-) year-plans predicted. But I feel incredibly blessed and thankful for the sovereign hand of God in all these things. Plans have changed, doors have opened and closed, but having a business at home, pursing my passions has been a provision to fulfill so many possibilities and opportunities.

I also share this with you because the opportunity can be yours as well—whether you already love Shaklee or perhaps have no idea with a probiotic even is except for something that is supposedly in yogurt—it doesn’t matter. The door for passion, education and opportunity is available and this is my story of how that can be possible.

I wrote this blog post a while back, Make More than a Living: Make Living Better, but I wanted to share more about my journey and my passion.

At the very end of 2005, I was looking for a few things. I had started to learn about the toxins in cleaners. I was on the hunt for something that actually worked, that was actually non-toxic, and wouldn’t break the bank. I had also read an article on the issues with beauty products and how toxic they were and wanted to find an alternative. And all the while, I had long been on the hunt for a supplement company I could trust. I knew why I should supplement, but I also knew that because of lack of regulation, many vitamins and supplements were contaminated with lead, etc., or at best they never completely broke down in your body to be fully absorbed based on multiple tests performed on them.

Enter Shaklee—at a booth at a health fair, I was introduced to this company. I spent my gym time on the treadmill reading about their clinical studies and science. I was impressed. I met with the woman who shared it with me and she explained the options with Shaklee—Use, Share, or Build. I knew I would use. And I knew I would share. And I thought that maybe, someday, I would build.

I started using the products and loved them. Each one I tried I was impressed with. I began to see changes in our health, our energy, our sleep and even allergies began to disappear. Everything I read about the products came through with the fifty plus years of integrity, science and conviction that I had come to know with Shaklee. I could trust their products and they had the research and trials to prove it.

And so, I of course began sharing. I did just like I share my favorite travel high chair and travel potty seat. But in unlike other product companies of the products I loved, Shaklee began sending me checks as the people I shared with began to use Shaklee and see life-change happen. I began to generate an income that was enough to cover the cost of our family’s Shaklee products. I was sharing something that had changed my life because I wanted to help improve the health and life of those I knew and cared for.

In 2010, my daughter was born. I knew that I wanted to stay home with her. I also knew that I had a lot of gifts and talents that I wanted to continue to use. While working for a year part-time out of the home, I began to build a business. I was able to help others build businesses and share with many more people simple changes they could make to change their family’s life.

As I helped more people, the business grew. As I helped more people build a business and watch their dreams comes true and help the people they knew, my business grew. The excitement with Shaklee became more and more about seeing the opportunity for change I could provide than it was about the extra income. The passion grew even more.

It was not long before I had replaced my full-time income. And that was only working during naptime and a few evenings a week while fulfilling a passion, using my gifts, and most importantly changing lives. I have seen time and again how regaining health can make such a difference in marriages, parenting, families and careers. I have seen how understanding how to care for our bodies can be such a precious gift that blesses way beyond “losing weight” or “not getting sick.”

I am so very thankful for each person who has opened the door for me to share health with them through Shaklee and even more grateful to see what I’ve been able to share take effect in their lives and homes.

And in the midst of all of that, I am so grateful that my business continues to bless MY family as well. Having a Shaklee business that doesn’t take away from the passion I have for motherhood at all, has given our family flexibility of time and freedom of finances. It has given my husband the ability to spend more time with our children. It has even provided a car payment at just the right time (needed to upsize for a growing family) and this year an all-expenses paid family vacation to Hawaii.

And this joy is not just for me. It is as awesome to me to see my friend Katie, who started this business just a few years ago be able to achieve the financial dreams that she set out for through Shaklee. I love being able to give other moms to chance to do this too! And to work together as a team! It is an amazing privilege.

And this opportunity is available to you as well. Whether you are a young mom like me, a recent empty nester, someone wanting to leave corporate America, wanting to fulfill your passion of health, or maybe just supplement your income—Shaklee may very well be the path for you.

If you’d like to see more, you can watch this great presentation by my friend Lisa.

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