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Labor & Delivery: Shaklee Mom Recommendations

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So you’re going to have a baby? Me too.
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If you’ve been taking care of your body and your baby with the great prenatal supplements from Shaklee and now you’re getting ready to have your baby. What do you need for labor, delivery and those first few weeks after birth.

Aside from the “Labor Line” which is really the sports nutrition line, there are a lot of great Shaklee products that can help in the labor and recovery process. As I am packing my own bag for the hospital this week, I packed what I had used from past labors and got some great recommendations (all listed here) from other Shaklee moms!


If you have not already been on a probiotic, you will want to consider adding one as you prepare for labor. I also recommend being on a prebiotic for the weeks ahead of labor and the weeks after. We pass along our gut flora to our babies which effects their skin, their immunity and their digestion. Probiotics have been proven to relieve the issues considered colic. To prepare their guts ahead of time and then provide the probiotic and prebiotic through breast milk will help with digestive issues like colic, will provide immune help, and will also help prevent mastitis. (These two products are particularly important if you will be on an antibiotic during labor due to GBS). Shaklee offers the most bio-available probiotic option on the market with their triple-encapsulated patented delivery system.

If you have not already been taking a DHA supplement, consider adding OmegaGuard to help prevent postpartum depression. Taking the Optiflora as well as additional Vitamin D can also help with this.

Shea Butter is a great product for your stretching skin—both healing and soothing.

Joint and Muscle Cream is a great help for sciatic pain.

Performance is a great and very healthy hydration drink that will help with early contractions that are due to dehydration.


During Labor:
Hydration: Performance was created for optimal hydration for a endurance man-powered flight. If anyone needs endurance it’s a woman in labor.

Energy: Energy chews are an easy way to have vitamins and a little caffeine to keep you going during those very long and difficult labors.

Snack bars are a great option to have when you are able to eat.

Stress Relief Complex or Gentle Sleep Complex to relax .

Post Labor: Recovery
Physique was created and normally used for recovery from weight-lifting, distance runs or rides, etc. This recovery drink was recommended for me to take after labor. Now, I would never go to the hospital without it. I consumed about a half or more of the canister within the first two days of each of my daughters births and I believe it was what made it so easy for me to move around and get active quickly. Since then, I have heard that some doctors even recommend it after hip and knee surgeries, etc., for better recovery.

Herb-Lax is a great and much healthier alternative to the stool softeners you are given at the hospital.

Post Labor: Nursing
Along with the Optiflora products mentioned above, adding Vitamin D3 will help provide the Vitamin D needed for your baby. Often doctors tell you that you need to add Vitamin D drops to a nursing baby and often add iron. But if the nursing mother is not deficient in these items, the nursing baby will not be either. Babies whose mothers have been taking Vita Lea and Vitamin D3 do not show these deficiencies.

Nursing mothers need to have enough protein and nutrients to provide enough for both them and their baby—yet it is difficult to get all of that in a healthy way. Shaklee180 smoothies not only provide the protein but also fiber and other nutrients, help prevent unhealthy cravings, boost muscle for recovery and metabolism boosting, AND a lactation consultant told my friend that they increase milk supply!

If there is a milk supply issues, Alfalfa is a natural way to stimulate milk production (along with all its other great benefits).

This note from a customer was also very informative for nursing issues: “I had to consult a lactation specialist for feeding issues with my daughter a couple months ago. Among her paperwork I discovered that for nursing Mom’s it is helpful to take Lecithin or have some on hand. If there is a plugged duct–which is a common occurrence for some – her data recommended taking two lecithin three times a day until the plug dissolves. Lecithin, being a natural emulsifier, works with breast milk too and is totally safe/healthy for babies via breast milk.”
Lecithin is a natural compound that helps your body’s ability to absorb and make use of fat-soluble nutrients, which are critical to a wide range of body functions. The natural soy lecithin in each capsule contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that our bodies cannot make; choline, a neurotransmitter component; and inositol, which plays a role in metabolic regulation.

Post Labor: Baby Blues
OmegaGuard and B Complex, as well as VitaD3 can help give your body what they need to prevent and recover from baby blues.


This is a very brief overview of some helpful products for the expectant mom. Contact your Shaklee distributor for additional details and to put together a plan for your healthy labor! These are all tried and true recommendations from Shaklee Moms all over the country. Best to you in the birth of your baby!

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