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Flax Seed Cereal

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I love cereal. LOVE it. But I don’t eat it. When I do splurge on a box of LIFE, it’s gone is 36 hours. I heard a health professional speak a few weeks ago and she suggested an alternative—a “cereal” made with flax seed. I was not so sure, because I do love cereal. But I made it, and it hit the spot! Aside from avoiding the wheat, gluten, sugar, processed stuff, etc, I got all the great benefits of ground flax seed. Here’s what I did: Take ½ cup of flax seeds (I purchase whole and grind myself because ground goes bad much more quickly) and grind in a coffee grinder. IMG_1864IMG_1865 Pour half in a bowl and save the other half in the fridge for tomorrow. Add some coconut flakes and a few pieces of dried fruit. Add your version of milk and presto! Surprisingly delicious cereal!

IMG_1867 IMG_1866

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