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We’re Having a Baby

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you likely heard the big news that we are expecting another little baby in October. (YAY, YAY, YAY!! We love babies and new life in our house! Now for a little dance……ok, I’m back) We are so excited and so are our girls! New life is always an amazing journey to be part of.

As a health coach and wellness educator, I receive questions about prenatal health often. This is not surprising. Becoming a parent for the first time, or the third, is one of the most natural points in life where we begin to question why we have always done things a certain way, ate certain foods, or embraced a multitude of other habits. As we take on the beautiful responsibility of a new little life, isn’t it important to continue to reevaluate the impact of all these things on our family’s health? I sure think so!

Years ago as we anticipated our first child it was an enormous revelation to begin understanding the extent to which everything we put in our bodies and are exposed to effects a little human growing in our bellies. Biology is an intricately, creatively designed system. I am eager to share with you what I’ve learned so far and also what I will be learning this third time around the baby block. What I have already learned about prenatal vitamins, the importance of prenatal nutrition, prenatal exercise, and general health have had a major impact on the entire experience of growing a child, birthing a child and acclimating that child into the “post-womb-world.” My personal recovery mentally and physically has also been an amazingly healthy and relatively quick process due to being aware of many health, fitness and nutritional issues along the way.

My desire is that what I share will be helpful to anyone who is pregnant or considering having a child. Please share anything you see here with anyone who would benefit. As always, I enjoy this platform to pay forward what I have benefited from, but I also love to talk with friends one on one, old or new if there are other specific ways I can help or encourage. I’d also love to hear about other issues you’d like to learn about!

One last encouragement to you, my readers—no one reading these posts is allowed to have “mommy guilt.” These are things I didn’t always know and have learned over time from experience and hearing from those kind enough to teach me. If you ate badly and didn’t have vitamins during your last pregnancy, don’t let this stress you out. Any information I share here is for the future, as we all make choices to make each day a little healthier.

Stay tuned in with me as we talk about healthy pregnancy!


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