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“Breaded” Zucchini

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I am always sharing with people that the key to eating more vegetables is to find fun and delicious ways to prepare them. I mentioned this super-simple recipe to a friend the other day and wanted to share it with you. It’s a great side to add that can replace pasta or bread. Children like it and it can be dipped in a sauce of some kind (I love it in my homemade ranch).


What you need:
Zucchini (smaller zucchinis has more nutrients so pick small when you shop)
Almond Meal
Parmesan cheese or dairy free alternative (optional)
Garlic Powder
Eggs (or oil if you are egg-free)


What you do:
Cut the zucchini into wedges (we like them smaller)
Put two eggs, beaten, in a shallow bowl
Put  almond meal, Parmesan, and species in another shallow bowl
(should be 70% almond meal, 20% cheese and 10% spices–ish)
Zip zucchini in egg till covered then in mix till covered
Place on buttered or oiled cooking sheet
Bake for 30-35 min at 350.


 Of course I forgot to take a finished product picture but I will add it next time!


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