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Response to the “news” on vitamins

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In case you don’t follow me on facebook, but you do follow the news, I wanted to make sure that you saw these three items. A recent report came out that claimed that all multi-vitamins were a waste of money.  These three items will help you get a better perspective of the research that lead to that claim:

Prominent Doctor Exposes NBCs Hatchet Job on Vitamin Supplements

Understanding the Latest Media Attention of Multivitamins

And click here to look at the LandMark Study—an independent study done by the University of California Berkeley that studied people who had been taking Shaklee vitamins for over 20 years compared to those taking another multivitamin and those taking nothing.

Some multivitamins may be causing you to throw away your money—so make sure you are working with a company that has integrity, that does third party clinical studies, and stands behind statements like “always safe” and “always works.” I stand with Shaklee. (Click here to see why).

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