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Make more than a living: Make living better

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I love my business with Shaklee because I get to help people and improve their lives at one of the most foundational levels; their health. It’s really purpose giving work and a privilege to be part of.

Last month, a woman shared with me that some of her health issues had been cleared up when she added a supplement to her nutrition based on a recommendation I had made. A few weeks ago, I listened to my friend Amber share again the story of her daughter’s past debilitating asthma and the healing and life-change they have seen through health changes they’ve made. (You can listen to the webinar here and read about it here).

I love teaching people what I know to be true and sharing all the first and second hand experiences I have learned about health and wellness. I love helping people create healthier lives through changing their nutrition, getting active, removing toxins, and adding supplements as needed.

Another friend, after a very difficult couple of years, shared this following a conversation with myself and other Shaklee Difference Makers: “I have not felt this viable, important, excited or creative in a long time! IT’S INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

I am blessed to be able to make more than a living, but make living better. That’s the Shaklee effect–the opportunity to change people’s lives and the world, one conversation at a time.

The truth is, my most important job is being a stay-at-home mom to my two beautiful children. If I am going to do something in addition to that glorious career, it’s going to be meaningful and impactful. And I have found that to be true with the opportunity Shaklee provides for me to share health with my family, friends, and even people I’ve never met face to face.

One thought on “Make more than a living: Make living better

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