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Stand for Something in Your Kitchen!


I’ve pinned hundreds of creative pins on Pinterest. One of the few I have actually done is the dish soap cake stand.


It makes the most important or frequently used items accessible and by creating a central place for them keeps my counters clear of clutter. Not to mention the splash of color it adds to that corner of my kitchen.

When I’m sharing the non-toxic Get Clean line of cleaners (Amazing!) with friends, they are excited that even an extreme couponer can save money by making a healthier choice and saving the planet. So they ask, “Should I buy the cute Get Clean Basic H spray bottles?” And I say yes because I keep mine out and easy to get to.

Why do I keep them so accessible? On the cake stand I keep hand soap, dish soap, and my three Basic H spray bottles which I use for everyday (or every hour with little kids in the house!) cleaning needs.

Get Clean Degreaser: Great on our granite counter tops and stove top for cleaning as I cook or at the end of the day. I also spray it directly on stains when I get tomato sauce or beets on my clothes while making dinner. The spot is often gone before I even throw it in the laundry. I’ve also grabbed it to clean crayon off the wall.

Get Clean All-Purpose Cleaner: great for stainless steel appliances, cleaning off kitchen tables and wiping up a spill in the wood floor. It’s also great (and safe) to hand my three-year-old to let her clean up her own messes she is prone to make at her age.  It’s great to be able to give her cleaning products that are safe when she asks to help around the house. It’s allowed her to start learning how to participate in daily chores and cleaning up after herself at an earlier age than I otherwise would be comfortable with if we used traditional cleaners!  Bonus!

Get Clean Glass Cleaner: This is the lightest dilution to be made with Shaklee Get Clean.  I use it of course for glass, but it also works great as a fruit and vegetable cleaner! Safe, effective and inexpensive! When was the last time Windex pulled double duty for you to be an all in one cleaner for glass AND your food?!

Basic G Spray Bottle: Basic G is Shaklee’s germicidal product, effective at disinfecting and deodorizing inanimate environmental surfaces against bacteria, virus and fungi responsible for infections.  And without the toxic fumes and much more effective than bleach. This is great for dropping raw chicken on the floor, raw meat cutting boards, and of course, potty training…

So for those who have asked, that’s what the cake stand is all about. I love that I was able to even find it in Shaklee green!

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