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So you want to save the planet? You can.



One small action can create a worldwide effect. Do you believe it? I do. I always have.  Recently I have been able to define for myself and my family what that means for us.

For example switching the products you use to clean your house to Get Clean, an average household will annually keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas. That’s just you. As a perk you’d save an average of $200 a year!

And if we share this idea with a few people, who share with a few more people, it quickly adds up. If 5,000 people were to switch to Get Clean, it would save enough plastic bottles to go from Nashville, TN, past the Golden Gate Bridge, across Hawaii and all the way to the Great Wall of China!

It’s called The Shaklee Effect. One small action can save the world…starting with YOUR piece of the earth: your home. And that’s not even considering the countless stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Get Clean in helping to get rid of allergies, asthma and eczema!

So what about the “for her education” part? By saving the planet one Get Clean Kit at a time, if you choose to, you can also develop a sustainable business with Shaklee that could create a monthly income that could cover expenses like your mortgage and car payment (we do)…and even save for your child’s education.

I met a woman this past weekend who had nothing and her son wanted to go to Harvard. And in one year she made $100,000 towards that goal. Helping people one life-change at a time can completely change the possibilities for your family.

Want to join our family in saving the world?

Feel free to comment or contact me directly. I’d love to share how we’ve been blessed by The Shaklee Effect and how it’s allowed us to bless others and create a cleaner, brighter and more secure future. We want to give people the opportunity to choose how to participate in The Shaklee Effect in their own lives.  It’s been so significant in our lives we want to see others experience it as well!

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