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Convenient, Easy, and Healthy Baby Finger Foods


Feeding a child well has its challenges, but for me, the most difficult stage is the finger foods for the toothless baby. With my second child I have found a few things that have made it easier and I’d like to share them with you.

I start solid around six months (avocados, bananas, broccoli, etc.), but around eight months, if that long, both my girls were so independent that they wanted to feed themselves. I had a hard time keeping a well-balanced assortment of food available. And now that my toddler eats everything we eat, I was only preparing for the little one.

I started using jar freezing as a way to make it much more convenient to have food prepared for the toothless wonder. It’s made things so much easier.

For example, I start with either ground beef, a crock pot roast chopped small, or a rotisserie chicken chopped small.


I added well steamed broccoli and carrots chopped small.

IMG_8543 IMG_8544

Sometimes I also add quinoa.


Put it in the jar and place them in the freezer. Then in a few days, I am able to just pop the jar out and have a couple days of meals already prepared. It’s also great for road trips or when we will be out all day but need to have food.


Hope these ideas will be helpful to you! Do you have any other suggestions that you think I should add to my next set of jars?

4 thoughts on “Convenient, Easy, and Healthy Baby Finger Foods

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  2. Do you defrost overnight and then microwave?

    • I actually don’t use a microwave at all. I defrost it in the fridge and usually feed my kids their leftovers cold. Sometimes I will warm up food in a saucepan. They are also great to bring frozen out for a day and be thawed by dinner 🙂

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